Name: Nathaniel James Brennan

Residence: New Brunswick, Canada

DOB: April 15th 2000

Profession: Web & Mobile Development

Status of job: School

Note: Resume on request

clip Nathan Brennan

My name is Nathan Brennan. Currently, I am an enrolled student at Oulton college, for the Web and Mobile development course. As an aspiring web developer, I love the challenge of creating a unique webpage, feeling the thrill of success when I come out on top. Fast and dedicated I can spend hours working on the same project without stopping, focused. Eager to expand upon my current knowledge I plan on learning more and more languages after I leave school.

In my spare time, I am always on my computer. Wether my laptop, or my home PC. Watching youtube, studying various programming languages, playing games, or talking with friends, my life is all digital. The reason I decided to pursue a carer in development, is because it feels natural to me. After taking a course or two in highschool, taking right to it. As soon as I finished highschool, I went right to college.

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Coffee Buzz

One of the first in class projects done during school. Coffee buzz is an example of simple skills used to create a static webpage. Although there was a teacher giving demo's on how to do it, the majority of it was done via our own power. Coffee Buzz, is a simple and more modern example on how to make a webpage look good.

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