Our Mission

We are dedicated to filling all your caffeine needs through our quality coffees and teas. Sure, we want you to have a great cup of coffee and a great coffee experience as well, but we're the only company that actively monitors and optimizes caffeine levels.


So stop by and fill your cup, or order online with our new Bean Machine online order form, and get that quality CoffeeBuzz coffee that you know will meet your caffeine standards.

Our Shops

They are real reflections of the communities that they're in. Many of our shops hang local art and play local music. Free WI-FI is available in all but a few locations.

And, unlike others, our shops smell like coffee. If you have ever been in a CoffeeBuzz coffee House, you know what we're talking about. It's the benefit of roasting every day, right in the shop.

We open at am every morning.

The Cafeteria
4 cour Flanders Court, Moncton NB
Phone/téléphone:  506.858.9696

Today's Specials

House Blend

House Blend Coffee


Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte


Maple Muffin

Maple Muffin


Everything Bagel

Everything Bagel